Meet the Team

Matt is curious and creative when it comes to discovering new and innovative ideas to make everyone's lives easier. This curiosity and creativity led to the creation of FHSched and the everlasting improvements. He spends most of his time studying to take a test which he will inevitably make stupid mistakes on, then sleep the weekend away.

Matt Ghera

Co-founder / President

Dane communicates with sponsors and clients for future deals, hoping to pursue a degree in business management. Dane enjoys hiking and spending time with family, always brimming with an over-supply of constructive criticism. When free, he'll be doing... something, somewhere.

Dane Trainor

Co-founder / VP of Operations

Gabriel is lively and beaming with energy, pouring his creativity into developing the main website. He uses his energy to code the main page and other parts of the website, eager to improve the experience for all. In his spare time, you may find him playing Minecraft, doing parkour or just having a laugh.

Gabriel Iskandar

Co-founder / VP of Web Development

Since Patrick Nusbaum was in 5th grade, he was naturally drawn towards technology and helping others learn how to use it. During this time, he also learned about his love for filmmaking. Since then Patrick has taught himself many professional filmmaking techniques that have come in handy for his short films and freelance work for clients. Patrick currently helps out with designing and website hosting for FHSched.

Patrick Nusbaum

Co-founder / Graphic Designer

John is passionate about learning and finance, hoping to start a business some day. He enjoys hanging with friends and playing lacrosse in his free time. He is always filled with humor and a love for his family, but more importantly organs and food used to function from day to day.

John Eberle

Business Communications

Ben is driven, hard-working, curious, and creative in his unique approaches to solving the problems that arise with back-end development of FHSched. The curiosity leads him down programming rabbit holes that suck him in until he understands, or until SQL is involved. When he’s not spilling his third cup of coffee on his keyboard, Ben enjoys participating in Destination Imagination, listening to Vampire Weekend, watching The Simpsons, studying chemistry, and making his friends laugh.

Ben Lilley

Server Manager

Logan is a hard-working individual who is very passionate about coding, especially software development. He ranked the best on curiosity for his character day evaluation, but judging by his photo, it should have been his stunning looks and lovable face. Logan hopes to extend his knowledge in web development, as to attain a career in creating and maintaining websites.

Logan Cover

Front-End Developer

Aaron is a sensible, often unassuming guy, who is reliable and is known to get things done. He is one of the Computer Science Club heads and works as a web developer for the FHSched site. He works on many things on the site ranging from the main site to Android app development. Although he's keen on web development, his true passion is cloud computing and hopes to one day develop his own business around cloud computing.

Aaron Ni

Web Developer

David is a part of the IOS development team for FHSched, building and maintaining the app for FHSched. His hobbies include programming and playing basketball. He likes to try new things like traveling, learning, and playing the trumpet.

David Kim

App Developer

Arjav's creativity and artistic energy has pushed him to work with front-end development. This has also lead to a love for drawing and painting, as well as spending time with family, and playing games. Although planned for productivity, Arjav sometimes finds himself in a loop of procrastination, which can push his creativity further.

Arjav Seshachalam

Front-End Developer

Vinay is a hard-working individual that likes to get stuff done. He is a front-end web developer that is a part of the FHSched site. He likes to work on many projects that require both lower and higher level programming. His true passion is computer science and algorithm development. He would like to create a start up that develops cybersecurity technology that involves machine programming like facial recognition and Smart devices.

Vinay Krishnan

Front-End Developer

Josh is a part of the social media team. Always quick to crack a joke, he helps organize events as well as plan social updates to the FHSched Instagram. Planning to major in Computer Science, he spends most of his free time dabbling in 3D modeling and making, haha, funny animations on YouTube. His most famous video, BubberDucky Animated, has over 7,300 views.

Josh Hale

Public Relations

Abdul is part of the android development team for FHSched. Abdul's heartfelt passion for coding began in 6th grade leading him to create random dull-witted projects in his spare time. Abdul's hobbies include coding, tennis, fishing, and also spending time with his family. Overall, Abdul is someone who is passionate about achieving his goals and one day he wants to start a company of his own.

Abdul Arikattayil

App Developer

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